Monday, September 23, 2013

It smells like an Ikea store in here.

September 11, 2013

D-day the Ikea delivery day.  It took me about about a month to design and gather the parts list from Ikea for my kitchen.  Just some hints, I've got 4 different colors and styles of kitchen doors in here and making some miniature barn door rollers.  This is not going to be your average kitchen install.
This is what 4,010 lbs of cabinets look like.  The largest order the delivery guy has made.

 It took us 7 hours to inventory it all, load in vehicles, (thanks for your help Bridget) and pack it all in this storage room.  I had to order them so early so I could get in on Ikea's kitchen sale, 20% off.  The only thing I like better than Ikea cabinets is Ikea cabinets on sale.

We are only missing two items from our order.  We got everything but the kitchen sink, no really we are missing the sink, so Ikea if you could send that out, I'd appreciate it.

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