Sunday, December 8, 2013

In a yellow submarine, in a yellow submarine.

November 20, 2013

Septic tank gets delivered. 

And buried in the backyard.  A lot closer to the house than we had planned.  Still waiting to talk to those guys to find out how this changes my landscaping plans.

Downstairs office.

December 1, 2013

The ceiling for Brian's collection.  So Brian has allowed me to decorate his room this time, he really should consult my Pinterest account before making such decisions, but no take backs.

We are going to be putting a wood planked stained ceiling in there.  The wood will be coming from various places, I have already gathered some pieces left over from construction.  Since the wood will have some gaps between the planks we decided to put up a barrier for dust and stuff.  Have to protect all that important office stuff that goes on. 

We used a product called Reflectix.  It is really a cross between aluminum foil and bubble wrap.  It is used for insulation as a sound barrier in ceilings, walls, etc.  It was lightweight, installed by stapling to the trusses and according to the package, flame retardant. 

 Here's the ceiling when we finished with the Reflectix.

Some wood pieces I have been collecting for the ceiling.  This is mostly cedar left from our front porch construction.  Basically a collection of 1"x somethings.

Shhh...they won't notice the hole.

December 7th, 2013

So if you get new drywall, the first thing I suggest you do is make a hole in it.  Since we had to build out the wall in the laundry to accommodate the plumbing through the floor because the floor trusses we're being less than accommodating, we wanted  to put in a recessed dryer vent.  We had asked the electrician to put one in and he forgot.  So Brian and I fixed that problem by cutting a hole, putting in the new vent and then stealthily putting back the drywall.  Better to fix the problem now while the drywallers can mud it then to mud it ourselves later.  There is one construction task I have an aversion to and that is mudding.

Tongue and Groove ceiling.

December 5-8 2013

The drywall mud is freezing and cracking.  So the drywallers stop work and the construction crew comes in to put in our ceiling.  Like white knights with hammers, they get the ceiling up in a few days and hopefully on Monday it will get insulated.

The crew does an awesome job.  Thanks guys for working on Saturday to get this done, not to mention the freezing cold temps to contend with.  The ceiling is unfinished wood, I will be priming and painting it.

Baby it's cold in here.

December 1, 2013

The electrician brings a new heater.  And this time, I'm not naming this one and getting all attached.  The new heater works great for a couple days as the temps stay moderate.  The drywaller is able to proceed with hanging drywall. 

 December 3, 2013

There drywall hung, now that wasn't so hard.  We decide last minute to drywall return the windows in the garage and the drywall hanger has already left.  So rather than stall this project anymore, Brian and I hang the drywall in the garage windows.

It feels like a small victory at this point.  Which is soon to be shortly celebrated as the temperature plummets again.   Now the temporary heater tries; but it can't keep up with the heat loss through the ceilings, which are not insulated.  We were hoping to drywall, paint the walls, then install the tongue and groove ceiling in the main space upstairs.  Mother nature laughs at this plan.

Drywalling begins and then freezes.

November 19, 2013

So in preparing for the drywallers, Brian and I put down a layer of rosin paper in the garage.  Last time we had a garage drywalled, I spent hours trying to get the mud off the floor in order to paint.  The drywall stills showed through and we gave up on having a painted floor.  Not this time, the paper is getting pretty torn up in places, but hopefully it holds together long enough to finish mudding.

We also moved a vent that is too low in the stairwell and move some wires that we had put in our basement wall for a future project to be in the right spot.


The drywallers get to hanging drywall and then start taping and that's where things go south, just like the temperature.  It finally gets cold here and not just a little.  The high is about 12 degrees.  The temp heater in the house dies completely, the house is frozen along with our progress.