Sunday, July 13, 2014

Post emergence Safe Crabgrass Killer

Post emergence Safe Crabgrass Killer

This is crabgrass.  Yeah, I admit I have crabgrass.  The only downside to my new ecological lawn is that crabgrass preventive would also kill off the flowers and microclover in my lawn.  Microclover is awesome, it means never fertilizing your lawn.

Anyway, the crabgrass has to go.  Preferably using something that wouldn't also kill my dogs or harm the environment.  Well, I finally found something that works.  

But you first have to get the crabgrass wet.  You can use just water or a mix of water and dishsoap for an extra punch.  Or throw the sprinkler on the area.   The goal is get the plants wet to give the baking soda something to stick to.  Other people have even mixed some molasses in the water, I didn't find this necessary.

Sprinkle your victim with baking soda.  Use generously, however, be careful as this will kill the grass too.

And now wait, it takes a few days.  Heat helps.  If it is really hot, this seems to work faster and better.  The crabgrass above was treated 3 days ago. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

DIY Framed Magnetic Makeup Boards

Bathroom organization

 brought to you by the power of magnetism

Today's project is more for the ladies out there, magnetic makeup boards.  So I have been using mineral makeup for years now and those little containers can be an OCDs nightmare.  I've tried many ways to organize them and still be able to see all the colors.  I'm a huge Everyday Minerals fan and the lids on their containers are white and the container itself is clear.  So if I can see the bottom of the containers, which also happens to have the color name on the bottom, then life is good.   So I bring you, the magnetic makeup board.
What you need:

A frame of your choice, can be any size and shape you want.  I am using two 11" x 14" frames I found at my local hobby store.

A galvanized sheet of metal.   I scored this one at my local big box home improvement store in the welding department for $10.

If you frame came with glass, take that out, then if your mirror came with backing you have an instant template.  Cut your metal sheet to fit that size.  Resemble your frame and ta-da.

Now the magnetism part.   You will need one hot glue gun, some magnets ( I used 6 mm magnets, bought really cheaply online)  an orange stick or wood stick of some kind helps save your fingers and a piece of aluminum foil.  Oh and your makeup containers.

Now just dab on some glue in the center, place a magnet, the wood stick really helps for this and the secret, immediately press the magnet side down onto a sheet of aluminum foil.  This flattens and levels the glue so that the glue does not end of up higher than the magnet so the magnet makes good contact.

 These cool really fast.  In a minute or two they will be ready and can be peeled off the foil.

 You can even do tubes.  These are powered mineral makeup in a roll on tube.  Lipsticks work great too.  I used one magnet per tube or small jar, 2.5 gram, and two or three magnets on the large containers, 5.5 gram.

And the finished product.  

This is bonus storage for any of you lucky people that own Ikea cabinets.  The sides and backs of the drawers are metal.  So...magnets stick to metal.  I am using the drawers sides to store all kinds of things.  It works fabulous for lipsticks and such.  

Blushes attached to side of drawer.

Bonus tip for all you mineral makeup users:

And if your going to the craft store, pick yourself up one of these.  They are in the painting supply isle.  They are super cheap, talking .99 cents here or less.  They are great for applying color, mixing with mediums, or just using to apply dry powers with a wet brush and not contaminant your main container.