Friday, October 18, 2013

You got mail...well you have a box anyway

October 13, 2013  Brian puts in our mailbox, hey, someone had to take the pics and I put the stickers on it.  However, our address doesn't seem to exist.  The county has assured me that our address was registered.  But I sent myself a letter and it hasn't arrived.  Is mailing yourself something less or more crazy than talking to yourself?


  1. I don't know if you've gotten your letter yet, but when a new customer comes in, your mail will stay at the post office until your carrier knows who is living at your address. Involves you filling out a "customer card" and if it is a brand new address it will take a little longer. So communication with your post office is key!

  2. My letter was returned to me with a nice sticker that says my street doesn't exist. Many conversations have been made with my post office. Forms have been submitted. Told they have to go out and look at my box. Called again today, lady who does the "box looking" is out sick and has been out for some time. Thanks for the suggestion. The last house will built was new construction and we didn't have to fill out anything.

  3. We got mail!!! Finally a letter came through.