Monday, November 11, 2013

Ikea kitchen and bath cabinets.

October 26th- November 2, 2013

Kitchen and bath install gets a start!

 1st step to the kitchen install.  Marking out the cabinets on the floor.  We measured and marked them out with tape.  This will help when we install the cabinets and tells the plumber and electrician where to pull the roughins.

Step 2.  Get a power screwdriver.  You can get one pretty cheap, I think this one ran me $20. I wore out my old one.  It's much lighter then a drill which makes it more comfortable to work with and fits inside smaller cabinets.  If you have a lot of cabinets to install, which I do, this thing is well worth it.


Assemble your base cabinets.  I use the cardboard boxes to protect the cabinets during assembly.  I assembled just the boxes at this time.  I don't add any drawer rails until after drywall to avoid dust in the mechanisms.  It also makes them much lighter to maneuver.   And we have to haul these upstairs.

I also haven't nailed the backs on the cabs yet.  I need to find a T square to make sure they are square and Brian picked up a new cordless brad nailer that he promises I can use.  That should speed up the process.

I label each of the cabs with the Ikea part number and measurements for easier identification later.

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