Sunday, July 13, 2014

Post emergence Safe Crabgrass Killer

Post emergence Safe Crabgrass Killer

This is crabgrass.  Yeah, I admit I have crabgrass.  The only downside to my new ecological lawn is that crabgrass preventive would also kill off the flowers and microclover in my lawn.  Microclover is awesome, it means never fertilizing your lawn.

Anyway, the crabgrass has to go.  Preferably using something that wouldn't also kill my dogs or harm the environment.  Well, I finally found something that works.  

But you first have to get the crabgrass wet.  You can use just water or a mix of water and dishsoap for an extra punch.  Or throw the sprinkler on the area.   The goal is get the plants wet to give the baking soda something to stick to.  Other people have even mixed some molasses in the water, I didn't find this necessary.

Sprinkle your victim with baking soda.  Use generously, however, be careful as this will kill the grass too.

And now wait, it takes a few days.  Heat helps.  If it is really hot, this seems to work faster and better.  The crabgrass above was treated 3 days ago. 

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