Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby it's cold in here.

December 1, 2013

The electrician brings a new heater.  And this time, I'm not naming this one and getting all attached.  The new heater works great for a couple days as the temps stay moderate.  The drywaller is able to proceed with hanging drywall. 

 December 3, 2013

There drywall hung, now that wasn't so hard.  We decide last minute to drywall return the windows in the garage and the drywall hanger has already left.  So rather than stall this project anymore, Brian and I hang the drywall in the garage windows.

It feels like a small victory at this point.  Which is soon to be shortly celebrated as the temperature plummets again.   Now the temporary heater tries; but it can't keep up with the heat loss through the ceilings, which are not insulated.  We were hoping to drywall, paint the walls, then install the tongue and groove ceiling in the main space upstairs.  Mother nature laughs at this plan.

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