Sunday, December 8, 2013

Drywalling begins and then freezes.

November 19, 2013

So in preparing for the drywallers, Brian and I put down a layer of rosin paper in the garage.  Last time we had a garage drywalled, I spent hours trying to get the mud off the floor in order to paint.  The drywall stills showed through and we gave up on having a painted floor.  Not this time, the paper is getting pretty torn up in places, but hopefully it holds together long enough to finish mudding.

We also moved a vent that is too low in the stairwell and move some wires that we had put in our basement wall for a future project to be in the right spot.


The drywallers get to hanging drywall and then start taping and that's where things go south, just like the temperature.  It finally gets cold here and not just a little.  The high is about 12 degrees.  The temp heater in the house dies completely, the house is frozen along with our progress.

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