Sunday, February 2, 2014

Moving an electrical outlet and preparing for the electrician.

We're outlet.
January 10th, 2014

Electrician is coming to put in the lights.  I gather all the light fixtures I have been collected from various places over the last year and label them all with the corresponding room they go in and pile them in the living room.  I always use tape on the boxes instead of just writing directly on them in case a light doesn't work and needs to be exchanged or returned to the store.

And then we have this little problem, I mean opportunity.  This outlet was installed too close to the cabinet.  Wouldn't normally be a problem, but we have two more cabinets that stack on top of this one.  So we have to move it over.  Brian has already managed to get the gang box out.

Here we mark the new location in pencil. 
Cut out the drywall.

Put in a new gang box and put a square of drywall in with some drywall clips.
A little plaster, some primer, and paint and we are in business.

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