Sunday, February 2, 2014

Priming the new well.

Putting in a moat.
January 12th, 2014

 So we had a new well put in and the water coming out of it is really gross.  It started out white and now it looks yellow and it smells like bleach and as a bonus there is sand it in.  Who's thirsty???  So we call the well guy and he says it's the digging mud and chlorine they use to start a new well.  He tells us to run some water and it will clear up.  So I pour 5 gallon bucket after bucket and heave them upstairs.  Still stinky water.  I call him back...what he meant was run a lot of water, like turn the hydrants on full force for 24 hours.

We take advantage of one of the few 50 degree January days and create a moat around the house.

In the back yard.

And the front yard and as a bonus people can't drive across our yard anymore.  We have a driveway folks, it's that path with gravel and cement.  This drives me crazy as I watch the soil get packed down more and more...I've got gardening plans for spring.  Huge gardening plans.

Drive across this...oh, and yes, the water is crystal clear now and doesn't smell at all.

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