Tuesday, April 1, 2014

77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82...now that's a light fixture

 Let there be light.  And it was good.

January 2014

Time to turn something boring, into fabulous.


 This is boring, that will work.  The main light fixture in the master bedroom.  We added a medallion to the base when the electrician installed the wiring to give this light more substance.  This is a light fixture from Ikea, yes, I might be a tad Ikea crazy.

If you can get through the cryptic instructions from Ikea, yet get something like this. 

 And about 82 of these, it's from Ikea, some assembly required.  Plus you can play he loves me, he loves me not while assembling.

Tada...fabulous.  I love waking up and seeing this every morning.

And the shadows it cast at night are awesome.


I am forever renaming this light the "Dandelion Puffball Light"

What is the light really called.  It's a Maskros which just happens to be Swedish for giant dandelion puffball light. 

The bedroom also has this in the entryway, it's a miniature chandelier.  Because every girl should have a miniature chandelier and pony.

Why, yes, it is also from Ikea, the light, not the pony.  What's it called?

It's the Kristaller.

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