Friday, April 4, 2014

Yellow front door and the mechanical doorbell.

Ring my Bell

April 2014

This is our front door.  Pretty blaaaa, much like this weather has been.  The door is from Masonite, time for a little sunshine.

We broke out the Graco Magnum x5.  It's a refurbished unit I picked up online from  I was a little reluctant to buy a refurbished unit but this one works great and the customer service was awesome.  The first time we used it we had a problem with the hose that came with it and they took care of it right away.  This unit is so fabulous, we  were able to paint this door with a brush mark free finish in under 5 minutes.  We also painted all the interior door with this thing, but that's another post.

The before

And the fabulous.

It's a beautiful yellow from Sherwin Williams called White Raisin.  It brightens up the porch nicely.

And the best part, the mechanical doorbell.  This is the turnkey on the outside.

And the bell on the inside.  It's a vintage remake from the early 1800's.  How how does it sound?


  1. I LOVE that doorbell!!! It reminds me of my Aunt Bertha's house. I used to love ringing that bell as a kid. Thanks for the memories.

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