Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Commercial vinyl aged wood flooring.

Goodbye plywood floors.  Hello, beautiful.

 January 2014

We have been looking at these plywood subfloors for too long.  It's time for flooring.

We had the contractor, L & M Covenant Construction, put the floors in the bathrooms, the laundry/mudroom, and the second bedroom upstairs.  Because, well, we're a little busy with other projects.  And lesson one folks, if you are doing DIY, know your limits.  Pick the projects that you have the time to complete, the tools do it right, and the ability.  Frankly, we saved a lot more money spending our time doing countertops and the kitchen and let the pros do their job on the floors.  And we really wanted to move in sometime soon.

 The first thing they did is lay down another layer of 5/8" subfloor.  This brought the floors up to about the same level as the hardward floors will be so there will be a smoother transition between floors and it really provided a much smoother surface than the rough plywood subfloor that is underneath.

The purple bathroom with new subflooring.

The laundry room completed.

                   Before                                                                                   After

The master bathroom

The flooring is a luxury vinyl from Spacia.  It is a commercial flooring in Weathered Oak.  It looks like aged wood, but is waterproof and no grout lines to clean.  It basically gets glued down in individual planks.  We had tile and faux tile cement in our last house and this is so much warmer on your feet.

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