Monday, January 6, 2014

Bathroom paint and speaker installation.

Whatca wearing?  Whatca painting?  What color is that?

December 28th, 2013

Painting the main upstairs bathroom

Bridget what are you doing in that spiffy painting outfit?  Are those special painting socks?  I sure hope so.  Bridget puts the first coat of what turns out to be many coats of paint in the main bathroom. 

This is the paint color for the top half of the main bath.  The bottom half of the room will be white beadboard.  The top half however, is Behr Vintage Grape color matched to Sherwin William's HGTV Satin Paint.

It's a dark and rich color.  Can't wait tell we get actual lighting and then you will be able to see what it really looks like.  I love the color, hate painting with it.  Every roller mark, every blemish in the drywall, every spec of lint and dust (which of course we don't have during construction) shows in this paint.  Which is why in January, I'm still painting this room.  Four coats later and over a gallon of paint for half a bathroom.  But the drama in the room it creates and stark contrast with the white will pay off.  This picture is after the second coat.  After the first coat I touched all the new blemishes we were seeing then painted a second coat.  The second coated showed the plaster marks from the touch ups.  So I did a skim coat with plaster, sanded again and then reprimed those areas.  Mostly all the corners as you see in this picture.

Third coat...looking better.  I have some final touches to do and one corner that needs a fourth coat.

Here you can see the stark contrast with the white tub.  I will get better pictures once we have lights installed in the room.

Brian is cutting holes in the new ceiling and installing a speaker in the kitchen.  This is some of the wiring we ran earlier that ends in the pantry closet where I can hookup my iPod to or switch to have the living room TV sound.

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