Thursday, January 9, 2014

Master bathroom cabinets and sink spacing.

A little to the left, now right, perfect.
December 31, 2013

So the last thing we do in the house for 2013 is dry run the master bath cabinets.  These are the same type of cabinets we put in the kitchen only they will get different door styles and cover panels.  This is a 15" and 24" base cabs.  Now we do use the Ikea legs on these cabs for several reasons:

1.  we are using Ikea's toekicks and they are made to attach to this style of legs
2.  these cabs are against a wall and don't need the extra support
3.  this is a bathroom and the Ikea legs are plastic which is water resistance, wood is not
4.  we had a whole bunch of legs left from our last kitchen install from our last house (anyone need Ikea cabinet legs, contact me)

We are dry running here which means we are not attaching these cabs to the wall yet.  We are figuring out our spacing with the pedestal sinks.  And determining how far we need to bring the sinks forward for comfort.  We will be building out a ledge behind each sink.  This will bring another design feature to the room and provide some bonus storage.

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