Friday, January 3, 2014

The Dust Bowl 2013

December 14th

The drywallers have left and we finally get to start really working on the house.  Now new houses are dirty, very, very dirty.

This is our new friend.  In fact, this one doesn't survive till the end of the dust extermination and we have to buy a larger one.  You think your newly drywalled house will look awesome, it really will look like this.

This corner, heavily mudded.  We've got some cleanup to do.  The picture is so grainy because there is so much dust in the air.

And this, I'm pretty sure there is a whole outlet under there.  At least I remember paying for a whole outlet.  We have to go around a cut out the tape and scrape the mud out of the outlets.

 And vacuum out all of them as the dust will get into your paint and it's better to remove the dust now then later when the electricians come back and dump all over your floors.

See, that's better.

And get yourself a bucket of this.  I like this kind as it goes on pink and turns white as it dries.

And you need some of these.

Because you're going to have a lot of stuff like this to fix.  Here the drywallers left cuts in the drywall that isn't going to be covered up by the switch plate.  We spend about 6 days cleaning dust, fixing drywall, and priming before the dust finally settles.

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