Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm dreaming of a white Chirstmas takes on a whole new meaning.

December 19th-27th, 2013

The priming marathon begins.  It has us 6 full vacation days to get every room primed.   We start off by patching any holes in the whole and fixing any blemishes, sanding that down, then dry mopping the walls to get the dust down, then wiping them down with tack cloths, vacuuming everything, floors, outlets, windows.

And then finally taping off the ceilings.

And covering all the windows and doors with plastic.

We borrowed my brother's scaffolding which really comes in handy with our ceilings.

Then we broke out the paint sprayer to apply the primer.  I picked up a Graco MagX5 refurbished unit online and boy was I glad I did.

Our master bedroom is the first room primed.

Seem easy, right.  Well, we actually can only use the sprayer to get the primer
on the wall and had to follow behind the sprayer with the roller and back rolled.

 There all white.  But we're not done yet...

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