Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Installing the high cabinets in the kitchen.

Standing in this corner at a staggering 92"...
January 4th

This is the back corner of our kitchen.  Looks sad and empty.

This is an Ikea 88"x 24" high cabinet.  Looks perfect for the job.  We will also be installing a slightly shorter version in the master bath instead of a linen closet, 80".

Here both high cabinets are installed, they are 15" and 24" cabinets.  They will be great for storing large roasters, slow cookers, cheese making supplies, and possibly some food.  We also had the electrician put in an outlet above so we can decorate later, good thing I got the final height right for him, remember we have cabinet, toekick and hardwood floors to account in your measurements.

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