Monday, January 13, 2014

Kitchen cabinet internal fittings.

What's a gal to do?

January 1-2nd, 2014

So Brian decided to kick the year off by getting the flu. Evidently he wanted to get it out of the way early this year.  So what's a gal to do on a construction site by herself, play with power tools.  I work on putting in the drawer partitions, drawers, and internal fittings in the cabinets.  Here I am putting together a drawer, yes they come in flat boxes and you have to assembly them.

And since I don't have the flu, order pizza.  No, not really this is the parts to the giant lazy susans that go in the corner cabs.

Putting together Ikea cabinets is a lot like a giant puzzle, which I happen to enjoy.  I love putting them together.  But you do need to be prepared there are many, many pieces with Swedish names.  This is the level of detail you are installing, these are the rail holders for the lazy susans.

Here is a finished lazy susan.

And we have internal fittings.  And drawers and drawers and drawers.  I will putting together drawers till spring.  In this picture you can see the rails the drawers will go on that I installed.  I removed the actual drawers so they wouldn't get damaged during the rest of the construction.  Building them was fun, but once is enough.

And then in my spare time, I finish the last coat of paint in the living room and dining area.

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  1. Sorry Brian was ill but you were certainly up for the job by yourself. I'm so in awe!